Questions & Answers


Questions & Answers



Where do I get balls to play?
In the office you’ll be able to ‘check out’ balls anytime.  All free of charge.

When will the senior leagues play?
There will be a league that plays on Tuesday mornings at 11 and 12 noon. There will be about 8 players on each ‘team’ — all comprised of our senior citizens in the Palisades. We’re anticipating that this league will be very robust and active right out of the gates… With seniors not only enjoying the bocce — but enjoying ‘lunching’ on the picnic tables as well.

How are the courts going to be kept up?
We’re using a surface that makes the maintenance of the courts extremely easy. We’ve also budgeted in monies to be able to maintain the gardens looking wonderful for years to come. The more donations were able to raise, the more we’ll have in an ‘endowment’ for maintenance…

Are you going to be able to rent out the picnic area for parties?
Absolutely!  It’s a fabulous place for birthday parties, bocce parties, grandma and grandpa parties… you name it.  Contact Chris Wilson at Palisades Recreation Center for all specifics…