P A L I S A D E S  B O C C E  C L U B

The Palisades League
P A L I S A D E S   B O C C E   C L U B

Picture this…

The sun is setting on a warm summer night.  You’re looking at the mountains to the north — and the chill of ocean air drifts by.

You’re with incredible Palisadians — from 25 to 70 and every age in between.

It’s a party on the best bocce courts in Southern California.

After bocce, you scoot up to Hanks, or Casa Nostra, or somewhere else to celebrate with your fantastic team.

That’s what’s happening every single Thursday night at in the Palisades League — and it’s been a runaway hit!

175 happy, excited, enthusiastic Palisadians on 16 teams (with hysterical team names).

Teams from neighborhoods.  From the schools in town.  From the churches and synagogues.  From town organizations and businesses.  Palisadians that just signed up and we put on a team.

Here’s what’s amazing.  Many of teams started as a group of complete strangers.  Now they’re cheering for each other, and going out to eat & drink together after the matches as pals.

No previous bocce experience necessary.  You can learn as you go.  You’ll be a star in no time.  Snappy awards for the winning teams.  Lots of other charming little extras along the way. 

Palisades Bocce League.  Celebrating the best of what it means to be a Palisadian.




Match Play Dates (Thursdays, 5 or 6 PM):

September 16  

September 23  

September 30  

October 7

October 14 

October 21 

October  28

November 4  

November 11

November 18


Dates may change (or be added) due to weather and other circumstances.

There are offers from a number of restaurants in town at 20% off food & beverages following the matches.


All skill levels welcome

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before – you’ll be a star in no time.  As they say, “It takes 5 minutes to learn how to play, and a lifetime to master.”

It’s not how good you are in bocce that matters.

What matters is if you love being with happy people, fascinating and positive people, and feel so lucky to live in the greatest town in America.

How to Join the League

Click on the Green big button above this and register.  You’ll be asked if you’re already on a team, if you’d like to change teams, if you want to start a team, if you’re new to the league and want to be on a team…


You’ll also be asked if you have been vaccinated for Covid.  All players in the league are required to be vaccinated to play. 

Team Parties after Bocce

Hanks and Casa Nostra have generously offered 20% off of all drinks and food if your team comes after your game!

Each week, we’ll give you a secret code word to get the special deals at the restaurants in town! 

Contact Us

With any questions, please reach out to:

Jimmy Dunne
Palisades Bocce Club
Bocce Commissioner
(310) 529.1400


Frequently Asked Questions

How many players should be on a team?

7-10.  This way, you’re likely to have 4-6 always coming to a given league match.

In a match, anywhere from 4 players to 8 players can play in a given match (maximum of 4 on each side of the court.)

You have to have 4 players for any match.

What happens if I miss a match?

It’s okay.  With 8-10 on a team, you can play as often as you’d like.  Each week, a team just has to have 4 players!  But the more the merrier…

When is the registration period over?

You can register any time from now until 1/2 way during the season…

What happens if it rains?

If a match is canceled, there will be a ‘make up’ date set.

How many bocce seasons will there be in a year?

Two this year; Summer and Fall.

Starting next year, probably Spring, Summer and Fall!

What is the format of the matches each week?

Each match will be ‘2 out of 3’ games.  Tie-breaker if you’re tied one game a piece.  Games are to 6 points.  Tie-breaker game is to 5 points.

You must have at least 4 players for a match.  2 play on each side.  If you have more players than that, they can split up on each side of the court.

If your team isn’t on the court ready to play by 10 minutes after the start time, you forfeit one game.  After 20 minutes, you forfeit the match.

You can play with balls that we will provide, or balls that you bring.

What do I bring and wear?

Comfortable clothes.  It’s all good.  Sneakers are best.  For the ladies, you don’t want heels…

I’ll bet the ranch some teams will have uniforms!

The main thing to bring is a happy attitude!  You’re going to have so much fun…

You have to have 4 players for any match.





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