First League Play – Tuesday, July 11








An amazing way for Grandparents, parents and kids to create memories on a Sunday.

The Family League

Imagine this…

Sunday at noon.  On the bocce courts, there are 14 families with grandparents, parents, and grade school kids.

After bocce, a pizza and salads picnic party at the fantastic picnic tables.

It’s fun.  It’s happy.  It’s creating memories.

Click the button above and sign up now!

First 14 families that sign up can play in the Summer League.

Families play as a ‘team’ competing against the other families.  Weekly winners!

Everyone in your family doesn’t have to be there every week — you only need 3 each week from your family to make a team.

No previous bocce experience necessary.  You can learn as you go.  You’ll be a star in no time.  Snappy awards for the winning teams.  Lots of other charming little extras along the way. 



Match Play Dates: 

Tuesday, June 29.  11 AM and noon.

Tuesday, July 6.  11 AM and noon.

Tuesday, July 13.  11 AM and noon.

Tuesday, July 20.  11 AM and noon.

Tuesday, July 27.  11 AM and noon.

Tuesday, August 3.  11 AM and noon.

Tuesday, August 10

Tuesday, August 17


Dates may change (or be added) due to weather and other circumstances.

Following each match, picnic lunches will be served to all those that sign up for the catered lunches.  You may also choose to bring your own lunches (or choose not to have lunch).


Specifics on the Sign Up Form

The sign up form above will ask you:

  • If there is a team you would like to be on. (If you’re not signing up as a player on a particular team, we’ll put you on a fabulous team!).
  • If you’re a beginner, okay, or pretty good bocce player.  All great answers.

How Do I Join the League?

You need to do these 2 steps:

  • 1.
    Click the yellow button above and register!


  • 2.
    Go to the Bocce Courts at Veterans Gardens and sign the Covid Release Form.  (Have as many players as possible from your family go to the park and sign the Covid Release Form.)

    You can go any morning, between 8 and 11 AM.  Sign up fast — spots with great families are filling up!

If you’d prefer not to register online
Do it all at the same time when you go to sign your Covid Release Form at the Bocce Courts at Veterans Gardens.  


Pizza Party after Bocce 

At each match, Palisades Pizza will be at Veterans Gardens to take orders for pizzas, salads and soft drinks for the family picnic after bocce play!

If you’d like, you’ll also be able to order from all the other great restaurants in town — delivered right to Veterans Gardens for the picnic party each week!


Contact Us

With any questions, please reach out to:

Jimmy Dunne
Palisades Bocce Club
Bocce Commissioner
(310) 529.1400
Cris Llorente
Creative Director
(310) 597-2653

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players should be on a team?

8-10.  This way, you’re likely to have 6 always coming to a given league match.

In a match, anywhere from 4 players to 8 players can play in a given match (maximum of 4 on each side of the court.)

You have to have 4 players for any match.

What happens if I miss a match?

It’s okay.  Come with as many family members as you can each weekk — the more the merrier.  If you miss a few weeks, life goes on!

When is the registration period over?

You can register any time from now until 1/2 way during the season…

Do I need to order picnic lunches from Palisades Garden Cafe?

No you don’t.  We’re only offering it as a convenience; it’s up to you.  If you choose to do it, you’ll be paying them directly.  (You can sign up on this page by clicking the link on the story about the Palisades Garden Cafe.)

What happens if it rains?

If a match is canceled, there will be a ‘make up’ date set.

How many bocce seasons will there be in a year?

Two this year; Summer and Fall.

Starting next year, probably Spring, Summer and Fall!

What will be the match format each week?

We’ll wait and see how many teams there are to line up specifics — but there will be a ‘tournament’ each week with a winning team.

What do I bring and wear?

Comfortable clothes.  It’s all good.  Sneakers are best.  For the ladies, you don’t want heels…

I’ll bet the ranch some teams will have uniforms!

The main thing to bring is a happy attitude!  You’re going to have so much fun…

You have to have 4 players for any match.





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