Thanks for the nudge. An unexpected series of advents without risk might make for a great comedy story or a lovely bonding picture book (On a Wintry Morning was my daughter's favorite when she was very young because the events were sweet but unusual and the tone was loving). This pack from Love Teaching Writing includes: The ZIP file below includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and SMART Notebook files. Because Monument 14 is a teen story, the ebb and flow of risk is complex, but continuous.So, take us from the expected to a place where we'd never expect, give us a sense of peril, and make the main character's actions affect the story even as the story is affecting him, and you'll have an adventure story truly worthy of the name and the sale. To write a good adventure story, try following these tips: Read adventure stories and novels ; Create a basic structure and adventure framework for your story ; Create a compelling main character that readers can sympathise with; Use a setting that increases the risk and excitement ; Create a supporting character My book A Really New School, begins with the main character in the hallway of her dull, overly strict school. Guide KS2 children through planning an adventure story with ease. Refer back to this story if you get stuck on the structure that your tale should take. It includes a sample story ending, based in the Stone Age, as an example for children, with a sentence type activity to help them write their own version. I write a lot of adventure. I am 76 years old but have the spirit of a youngster in his thirties. Just follow the steps below. Please give me more tips based on your experience. And toxic gas fills the world in Monument 14 and the school bus never makes it to school and instead drives the children into a struggle to survive.If the experiences in your story are what one could normally, logically expect to follow the set up, then it is not an adventure. Allowed HTML tags: