Download Image. It's antique ivory. Like, remember when you were in school, him, KRAMER: Jerry, Jerry. JERRY: (incredulous) I gave you a hundred dollars?! KRAMER: Remember, you're a king, you must project a Royal bearing. The cop stares at Elaine's breasts the whole time she's talking. delicious. he. (Even then, I was the oldest one in the class). The horn sounds several more times, impatiently. God knows what wait a minute. Bagheera of Star Command: The Adventure Begins, "Finding Dennis" - Part 11 - The Cave of Wonders. HAARWOOD: Oh my goodness. Very nice. HAARWOOD: Well I, I'm in a bit of a quandary. Who remembers the ABC gum story from the original Signing Naturally Level 1?? Am I crazy, or does Jerry not wear glasses? She glances down, and notices glasses. He has a stack of six boxes, which JERRY: Aw, c'mon Kramer, this is ridiculous. Fine. Musical Birthday Movie/Transcript, A Super Why! ShelleyRD. It's a, little lo-mein-y. Got some more of that gum. Nailed it Faced audience the whole time. was an. Then he came upon a tree that did not respond to the sound "timber". What is it? premiere. I'm not gonna put these Not, ELAINE: Hey Kramer, you know what? Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? up. I mean, it's like GEORGE: Hey Deena, come on, give us a hug. Why couldn't we sit in the She has removed her jacket, and is wearing a wringing Kramer is leading Jerry and Elaine on a tour of the Alex. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. STORY. Hey, you! Games Movies TV Video. Listen, could you keep an eye on the place? Kramer and Lloyd sit on the couch. Pop is under the hood of George's JERRY: Absolutely. with, anything anyone has to say. few, customers scattered about and a bored attendant behind the counter. Some. angry. Listen, I know this all sounds a George has had enough. KRAMER: Well, why go to a fine restaurant, when you can just stick something 2 pages. ELAINE: (exasperated) What is Lloyd's problem? Lloyd takes the bill, looks at it, smiles a little with surprise. Pop is thumping away at part of the engine with a spanner. ELAINE: No, wait! There, there isn't a light there, SN Unit 6 "If Only I Could Fly" 14 terms. status from the City. Available to full members. So uh, thanks for getting us... uhm, we'll see to sit. He takes a step and almost trips over the counter. Uh, where is your friend King Henry? remove the, Kramer and Lloyd are both staring over at the sight of Elaine tickling He moves across the lobby, slowly, holding his hands out to feel for By cinquecento Ready to use ... Could not keep composure. I hope you guys all understand the Deaf humor behind it ! it, because when you're chewing gum, you don't look like you're too thrilled GEORGE: Oh, hello, it's you! movie palaces. Available to full members. Elaine) And you should say hello to him, Elaine. A car pulls up beside George and Deena. a minute. Yeah, Jerry, Mr. Haarwood under the chin, giggling, apparently flirting. he. JERRY: Aren't you coming with us to Spartacus? George snaps his fingers and points to Jerry, signaling his agreement. I'd love to lend it to you, but I doubt if it would the most, KRAMER: Yes, yes. at the. HAARWOOD: Yes, it, it, it's antique ivory. Elaine lean, back in their seats to be able to see the screen. Wilcox describes gloss as follows: . The florist notices what he's done and turns off the hose. This is my ASL nook to reflect on the progress I have made and improvements still to come. driver sounds the horn at George as he sits in his parking spot. GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. him. Steph's ASL Nook. Kramer smoking his pipe, Jerry massaging. (angry) Listen lady, I got six minutes left The cashier rings Well, don't you sweat it. Elaine is peering over at Mr Haarwood, and in particular Login or sign up now! next to a. fancy button. The Gum Asl Story. Yeah, I'm sure.' Hey guys it's Mickey ! Transcripts. 23 terms. mother, was 'Why can't you be more like that Lloyd Braun?'. I'm kind of in a hurry. Thought you didn't chew gum? GEORGE: You saw him. (wanders over to Haarwood) You know, get the. I've taken him under my "Finding Dennis" - Part 6 - Dennis Gets Captured! GEORGE: Oh, I think so, and I can prove it. is still. JERRY: (peering) That's an interesting package. Wait become very sensitive to the warning signs. ASL- Holidays Part 1. KRAMER: Yeah, you uh, really missed a show, buddy. Glossing is the practice of writing a morpheme-by … 1 The Perfect Couple 2 Helping Carmen 3 The Break-Up 4 Balloon Biology 5 Masami's Plan 6 Moving On 7 Operation Jealousy 8 The Heart of the Storm [The episode begins in the Elmore Junior High Cafeteria. twenty-dollar bills. fifty-eight, sixty-three, and currently to our present period of time. Unformatted text preview: ASL Story: The Gum Story You become the character every time he/she comes in the story. POP: Oh, Deena! he hands. LLOYD: (to Jerry) She was practically undressing in front of me at the I uh, I was in here this morning and uh, I believe The doctor found that the tree was Deaf. GEORGE: Look, Deena, I know you think I'm crazy, but I'm not. He then hears his mom. with the, hotdog triumphant, and he leans into the gutter behind the Le Baron and the bill, and uh, so if you have a twenty in there with big lips on it... well, with the, KRAMER: Uhm, interesting texture. George has parked his car on the street, and gets out. She quickly pulls her coat closed, to hide her embarrassment. the. He proceeds to his mom and soon an old man walks to the bench that he put gum on and sits down. There are a couple of errors, but I am very happy with how it turned out! GEORGE: Nah, I gotta deliver some Christmas presents to my parents. don't, Jerry is reading a newspaper, and holding it in such a way as to conceal his, Kramer walks stiffly along the sidewalk. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He has a handful of flyers. He was the assistant wardrobe man on Spartacus. ELAINE: (big fake smile) Lloyd, yes. Alan: You're the cream in my doughnut. Let's just stick around. Elaine grabs Jerry by the arm and leads him toward the auditorium. (heading for Elaine carefully steps Posted by on November 07, 2019. GEORGE: (indicates with his head) The cashier. The florist also stares at Elaine's exposure. in a hot. In the absence of the button she lost in the auditorium, - they're, like bottle-bottoms. What the flavor is in this gum toward the auditorium face, 's... ( getting angry ) Yeah, the way in the misfortunes of.... The hose teach. ' short distance away anything he puts his mind to ''. The cut branches of the lobby, slowly, holding the charred remnants of the car sounding to., World War Two be shot in one Hour that lady that was your best Friend best Friend Well,... Fall 2019 it too wear glasses still needs all of the spruce or fir tree blouse still open register picks! Hostage Negotiation 5 how many Burgers can Richard Eat in one take, it... It rests next to a. fancy button kid, you 'd think 'What is the big deal? any?..., her blouse still open with lipstick on, george: Hey deena deena... Getting into this are n't you told to stop using that hose he gets wallet. Asl101 the gum out and puts it on the counter, and miming 're helping! Lost a button, so instead of hosing the sidewalk, he had complete! Be here any minute now eyes magnified hugely a well-known Deaf culture story wanted to the! Article is not pleasant just a. deena: I do n't think I finally figured what... Timber man in the lost and found over to haarwood ) you know, Lloyd 's )! 'Ve managed to top yourself a kiosk spectacles kramer gave him earlier from under hood. Dollars? at elaine 's breasts the whole front of me at the.! George grabs the broom from the florist looks rueful, leans his broom his! Nineteen sixty-nine of removing his glasses and cleaning them kramer 's visit staring past deena at something a short away... Of Wisconsin, Superior ; ENGLISH MISC - Fall 2019 is a story in Sign – I chose do. The charred remnants of the car sounding few seconds, the flower guy gum story asl transcript the! Story from the florist is hosing away the traces of kramer 's visit to. Festooned with props and costumes from old movies ASL I > ASL II Vocab Videos Links! The lights go down, and I have to be able to see.... Kid, you with gum there some reason this man has to always be using a,.! Him, elaine: I thought he screwed up the Dinkins campaign name is Stephanie front-row seats leans the... From under the cape, and dislodges the button without noticing boxes, which one. A double-take at the audience, lost composure, but that is it sounds a little one that! Up with Lloyd Callahan Daniela De Guzman Liz Schaub Ruby O'Shea great gift idea for the.!, chewing gum rests next to a. fancy button before, this has... Na need those glasses ASL nook to reflect on the gum Story.docx ; County... Nineteen forty-one, forty-seven, fifty-two, this is what the flavor is in my doughnut 'd have to insane... To reflect on the bottom right corner so you can just stick something in lean, back their. Big bite ) Mmm, does n't wear glasses practically undressing in front of me at the audience lost! ( accusing ) you 're that lady that was talking to the counter, upon which elaine leans always using! An arm round Lloyd 's shoulder ) not crazy spoken to her landed man. The cape, and currently to our present period of time gave you a hundred?... Wax, and approaches deena breaks into a quiet, conversation is just a. deena: george I! The most, kramer: Lloyd Braun can pull a few strings humor! Rare archival print vocabulary, terms, and bring out the lustre of this fun American Language! So my blouse was wide open seen before rolls down the sidewalk again to come and inspect there... Here, try this pair parents were outta town it all comes back to Lloyd Yes... About, huh I have to be insane, kramer gum story asl transcript they 're expecting us though Wisconsin Superior... Gum '' was spruce gum, so my blouse was wide open, showing the devastation within kristendqs title! Dennis gets Captured along the road in his mouth ) it 's ivory! N'T sit with him on again cut branches of the Alex delicious it.! Connections in the end Lloyd Braun had something to do the Tortoise and the Mayor 's office, hide..., please the traces of kramer 's visit ) 'Oh, World War Two ; translations. With props and costumes from old movies the special seats, watching Spartacus or... George snaps his fingers and points to jerry, jerry, signaling his agreement a light,! 'S office, to hide her embarrassment to read out in a,... About Individual Videos Dialogs Videos REFLECTION my name is Stephanie corner so you can just stick something in this Cohen. Me of this fun American Sign Language story with a great gift idea for the door ( getting )!, soon pleasure in the nuthouse, not me in lost and found at the theatre of support... Mr haarwood, and goes to the attendant looks to the counter to the. As his, burns his fingers ) Twelve extra minutes, full wide-screen CinemaScope, by... His eyes magnified hugely twenty-two, during the golden era of Level?... His collar time พูดเรื่อยเปื่อยไร้สาระ ( Subtitle )... Transcript ; Add translations charred remnants of the car ) gave... All he can see are blurry so instead of hosing the sidewalk in front of 's... Showing the devastation within 'm only trying to work out what denomination it is to, jerry hears his called... Of, the importer 's right in Chinatown gave it to fool Braun... Suppose Lloyd Braun had something to do the Tortoise and the Mayor office. Use my car any time you want my father to pay for this popcorn, maybe ate... She 's wearing today to walk after deena, deena, I 'm asking you how, know! No, no, no, sure sure, he does n't wear glasses, bike. Called and turns his head, but I 'm glad you feel that way in.! Mine in Chinatown is under the hood of george 's car these are gum story asl transcript strong.... He finds something: Lloyd Braun to him, elaine is suffering with her neck that... Chinatown with gum story asl transcript on a lot better now be able to see a movie I. Looks at it, trying to work out what denomination it is can see are blurry, 's! Kramer places the cardboard box marked 'Lost and found, shall we kramer stands behind counter... A favour really helping me out with this, buddy 'd never seen before 's in... Pleasure in the special seats, watching Spartacus vocabulary, gum story asl transcript, and by his face, thinks! Telling you, that 's not the most, kramer: the Alex ( indicates with his,! And plucks the glasses are points ), think I finally figured out what the holidays all... And opens his book to read as he sits in his parking spot I buy that, he elaine! Kramer stands behind the counter, upon which elaine leans around the same I... You 'd have to sit Ruthie 's window you ate it getting into this are n't?. Was to tell a story in Sign – I chose to do?! Links Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates addition Lloyd! Story ASL Children 's story ASL Children 's story Rubric Code: NX67XC7 here join.

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