Visit now and Book Doctor's Appointment Online for piles anal problem for finding a no 1 doctor for piles specialist in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are vascular structures in the anal canal. Epsom salt and glycerine – A compound made out of the two ingredients can be applied directly to the inflamed anal area to help find quick relief from painful haemorrhoids. In conditions of Haemorrhoids, among the reasons that worsens it, constipation stands out because this is one factor that is in our control if the food we take is proper. Call us or write to us if you are suffering from recurring fistula for a permanent solution.... Surgical Treatment Options for Anal Fissures. After few weeks, the infected tissue is removed and the internal opening is closed. Dr. Rajendra Sonawane is specialist in Piles, Fistula Treatment in Kalyan, Surgery for Piles, Fistula in Kalyan, Dr for Piles Treatment in Kalyan, Constipation Treatment in Kalyan & piles surgeon in Kalyan. Health experts recommend at least 8 glasses of water intake in a day. Find the best the Famous doctor in Ahmedabad, Sabarmati, Chandkheda, Motera, Gandhinagar? Is piles problem been troubling you forever? Initially, the doctor may put you on to medication, creams or laxatives to ease the passage of stools. Refined flour products like white bread, cakes, pastries, buns and puffs which are easily available from a bakery are known to cause constipation and worsen haemorrhoids. Are you searching for the best hospital for piles treatment in Chennai? Consult with your health care provider prior to starting a new fitness routine or diet routine. Once you are done, gently wipe or clean with warm water and soap. Excess meat in every day meals can make the diet devoid of essential fibre to keep the bowels moving. He/she will detail all the pros and cons of each procedure. Show Doctors near me. It starts from inside the anus and ends somewhere on the skin outside the anus. Eating foods that are high in fiber can make stools softer and easier to pass and can help treat and prevent hemorrhoids. Leafy greens like cabbage, lettuce, spinach and other vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin or green peas can earn high quality fibre. Lateral internal sphincterotomy All procedures accomplish shrinkage and scarring of the internal haemorrhoid. Decreased blood flow to the anus and rectum (anorectal area). Sushruta Ano Rectal Institute (Piles & Fistula treatment) General Surgeon - Specializes in Piles Treatment (Non Surgical) A3/97, Near Vatsalya Mandir, Sector-7, Delhi Rohini Sector 7 4.4 (1384ratings) Under this category are included canned food, lunch meals and ready to eat packed foods. Amid Pandemic , We are providing remote consultation … Home Read More » Extrasphincteric Fistula – This one begins at the rectum (little higher inside the anus) or sigmoid colon and comes downward passing through the levator ani muscle and opens around the anus. Book appointment online with piles surgery doctor at top hospitals - Credihealth Navkar Surgical Hospital is the top piles hospital in Ahmedabad, Piles hospital Near me. All methods approach the ideal surgical option, which is one that is effective while being safe and painless. It serves as a preventative measure as it is known to relieve constipation and loosen the stools. View appointment fee, patient reviews and feedback, OPD schedule, contact number of piles specialist near you in Chennai. FRM.Senior Consultant In PCOS, Fertility medicine & Key hole surgery. You can consult our piles speciality doctors for an individualized treatment or expert guidance.... Are you a person who is considering on simple home remedies for your hemorrhoids treatments? Pain free laser piles treatment for ladies in chennai near me. Best Lady doctor near me. This is the best optional procedure for small, internal haemorrhoids. Suffering from Piles? Laser haemorrhoidectomy has the advantages of being haemostatic, bactericidal, fast healing, not affecting neighbouring structures, less postoperative complications and less haemorrhage and stenosis. Fruits & Vegetables – Pears, Strawberries, Avocado, Apples, Raspberries, Bananas, Carrots, Blue and Blackberries, beetroot, broccoli, mangoes, guava We don't support your browser. When you go for Female Surgeons near me, Mira Healthcare is the best option. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms after undergoing the Botox therapy, you must talk to your doctor and check if these are normal. This cut can cause severe pain and may even bleed a little when the person is passing stools. Procedure for Prolapse and Haemorrhoids (PPH), is the advanced version of haemorrhoidectomy and is also called a stapled haemorrhoidectomy. Visit for Piles Ayurvedic Doctors in Pathanamthitta Kerala DON’T WORRY Doctors from Vedas Cure are here to help you for the treatment of Piles. Dehydration is also observed when saline laxatives are used for the treatment of constipation if the fluid replacement is not maintained and may affect the efficacy of the treatment. The procedure is not reported to be painful, but may cause pressure or mild discomfort. 1 piles hospital near me. Provide non surgical, Ayurvedic Kshar sutra treatment for Piles, Anal Fissure, Fistula in ano, Perianal Abscess in hospital in Chinchwad, Pune. for piles treatment in chennai. This will be held in place either for development of scar tissue around and/or drain the infection. Internal piles can be classified into grades 1 to 4 according to their severity and size: Grade 1 are small swellings on the inside lining of the anal canal. Apart from having the best piles specialist in chennai, we also provide works class services in treating hernia with the laser. I have no hesitation in recommending the treatment to others. At Chennai Laser Gastro Centre, we carefully choose the medical procedure and treatment required for your treatment of piles. The flap is then used to cover the internal opening. This enables him/her to directly see the muscle when they cut it. Water baths – Soaking in a bathtub filled with a few inches of warm water for about 15 minutes at every time after a bowel movement can ease pain and itching. Doctors For piles treatment (non surgical) in Indore, find doctors near you. If so, you are in the right place. Haemorrhoids are more common in the overweight population for several reasons including inadequate fibre intake, decreased level of physical activity and prolonged sitting. Best Piles doctor in Ahmedabad - Searching for the piles surgeon Ahmedabad Near Me? I pass out blood when defecating, and there is itching and irritation then I found Vedas Cure and they treated me well and now I'm Fine. As said, minor damage to sphincter muscles can lead to fecal incontinence. I denied the surgey as i have a phobia of painful surgeries but then he told me about the laser surgery which is painless. Making the body wait for a little time in the case when you don’t have access or when you are not able to access the toilets occasionally is ok but you should not hold it longer or you must not keep postponing the activity. The hospital is very neat and clean. She underwent advanced training in Reproductive Medicine, Hysteroscopy and Laproscopic surgery from GlenEagles hospital Singapore. For More Brief Info. Chennai Laser Gastroenterology Clinic ( is one of the best hospital for treating piles in Chennai. Whole grains: The one thing I like most is all thing in a systematic way. Sit in a tub filled with warm water for 15 minutes every day after clearing your bowel. As the sphincter muscle is cut, the person loses control of the bowel movement partially resulting in fecal incontinence. That includes the veins of the anal region that cause haemorrhoids. Undergo the most advanced US FDA approved piles treatment at the Laser Piles Clinic in Dilsukhnagar.Top piles specialists here will provide the best nonsurgical treatment for piles, fissures & fistula at costs which are highly affordable! I wanted to end this disease as it was disturibing my life and schedule so i asked them to do the lasser surgery the next day only. Take 2 or 3 bananas every day on an empty stomach to prevent piles, Regular exercise or brisk walking done every day for 30 minutes helps improve bowel movements and thereby lower symptoms of piles, Small hemorrhoids may resolve with increased water intake and dietary modifications. Book Piles Treatment in Hyderabad - Find the best hemorrhoids doctors, specialists in Hyderabad for bleeding surgery, operation services and get piles surgeons, clinics, hospitals contact addresses, phone numbers, ratings, reviews and Sulekha score instantly to your mobile. A handful of Epsom salt dissolved in the warm water can bring immediate relief from pain and burning sensation. Several authors have reviewed a few articles that assessed the association between water intake and intestinal constipation in piles. An equal proportion of 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt with 2 tablespoons of glycerine, mixed and applied to a gauze pad can be placed on the painful area. Keeping the skin intact on fruits and vegetables like apples, pears and plums would be ideal to ensure all the insoluble fibre as well as compounds called flavonoids that can help control haemorrhoid bleeding are available. The tears automatically heal on their own in six to eight weeks. In such cases, surgery may be done in two stages. Visit a painless anal fistula doctor near you. Banding usually requires successive procedures that take place about two months apart. Explore other popular Health & Medical near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. In general, overweight individuals are known to have more problems with constipation and haemorrhoids because they tend to eat diets high in fat, sugar and salt. Login/Register; Search. Also, the person will have little control over passing gas. Chennai Laser GastroChennai Laser Gastro Hospital in Chennai for best laser piles treatment and hernia surgery. In case you need any help in booking the appointment with top Paldi, Ahmedabad Piles Treatment, you may mail patient support services at If you are suffering from anal fissures for a long time or if you need a second opinion after visiting a doctor previously, you can call us for an appointment. No, not at The Laser Gastroenterology Clinic, Chennai Doctors and nurses were very courteous. Good ambience. Anal fissures also form when the muscles around the anus, called the sphincter muscles spasm up or get tensed. Non Surgical treatment of piles – Banding, Piles Treatment | Piles treatment in chennai | Laser piles surgery in chennai (, Fellowship in Minimally invasive and Laser surgery, A student of Madras Medical College finished her Diploma in Anaesthesia from Stanley Medical college with special interest in Obstetric Anaesthesia. When that doesn’t work, any of the following treatment approaches for fissures may be taken as per his/her diagnosis of the problem: Only mild discomfort or cramping is reported during treatment. I denied the surgey as i have a phobia of painful surgeries but then he told me about the laser surgery which is painless. Tissue from thigh, labia or buttocks is taken to fill the fistula channel. Call us at 910 850 3674. Post operation healing is the most stressful part of the piles operation. The food that is eaten makes its way from the stomach to the large intestine or colon. Dr.Aasim Anees Hussain M.S, General Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S. Piles doctor near me for piles treatment in chennai. Injection sclerotherapy involves injecting a chemical into the haemorrhoid making it to shrink and stop bleeding. Drinking enough fluids and water These foods such as sausages and other cold cuts are low in fibre and high in sodium, increasing the risk of constipation. Give your body enough time to let out the stools. In case the piles is very large, a simple laser piles surgery can solve your piles problem. in laser treatment for piles in Bangalore. Sphincter muscles are present around the anus. Fluid losses induced by diarrhoea and febrile illness are also a reason that alters water balance and promote constipation. They can cause pain and bleeding. Thus, keeping the patient happy & blessed to get back to their regular activities within 24 hours. This is only a temporary effect and the person will become normal after the effects of Botox wane. Dr. K S Purohit is senior and experienced doctor for piles surgery treatment in Ahmedabad. Mira Health care has the facility for Proctologist in Chennai. This procedure can lead to incontinence in 20 to 30% of the cases. IBD – Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as Crohn’s disease. The nurses and housekeeping behaviour is very polite and they are very Co_operative. Eat fiber and more fiber Best piles doctor in New Delhi. We have Doctors with more than 15 years of experience working dedicatedly to treat patients suffering from piles. What is piles or hemorrhoids? Habit of including a spread of fruits like berries or bananas in the morning cereal, apple chunks on the salad, vegetables in soups that are not strained, spinach in the omelette or grated carrots in a cup of yogurt increase creativity in developing a fibre essential diet pattern. More complicated fistulotomy will be required in cases where the fistula runs on both sides of the body. Workout He is experts in stepler piles surgery, laser piles surgery doctor in Ahmedabad, Satellite, Vastrapur, Thaltej, Jivraj Park, Vejaplur, Bopal, Shivranjani, Ambawadi, Prahlad Nagar, Ramdev Nagar, Bodakdev, Near me. In case you cannot visit any of the listed Piles Treatment doctors in Paldi, Ahmedabad, then you may also seek Online Consultation. Call us @ 7026-200-200 for Personal assistance. The bath tub or “sitz bath” needs to be filled with water up to 4 or 5 inches level. Were possible we always avoid pile surgery and prefer a medical route of management. Piles doctor near me for piles treatment in chennai. Our Method is clinically proven which cures the Piles from roots and help in making the patient healthy. Cold compress – Swollen blood vessels of the anal region with haemorrhoids can be treated with cold packs for immediate relief. In closed sphincterotomy, the surgeon passes a blade under the skin to reach and cut the sphincter muscle. Few things go without saying such as keeping yourself hydrated. Some laxatives help the colon to contract as needed to pass the stools. When your body signals you that you must pass the stools, you MUST do it. Shri Dhanwantari Clinic has been set up to cure Ano-Rectal diseases like Piles (Hemorrhoids), Anal fissures (Fissure-in-ano), Fistula-in-ano, Ano-rectal abscess, Pilonidal sinus etc. Looking for Piles Doctors in Hyderabad? There is a lot of methods to treat the piles, but, we at laser gastro clinic resort to the best of the lot to treat your piles. Types of fistula Fortunately, some foods can help to cure or reduce the symptoms and may even help prevent piles in the first place, if the issue is treated at early stages. There are many ways people may try to shrink down painful hemorrhoids, which might be helpful at best or harmful at worst case scenerio. This procedure reduces the amount of sphincter muscle that needs to be cut. Ab Hospitals. Some may need to go for a second shot after a few months to achieve complete healing. Dr Chirag J Shah is senior piles dcotor, Piles Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The anal cushions of patients with haemorrhoids in obese people show significant pathological changes. Anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera is known to help reduce irritation and find soothing comfort in conditions of haemorrhoids. Fluids: In their normal state, they are cushions that help with stool control. Book Doctor's Appointment Online, View Cost for Piles Treatment in Indore | Practo Hemorrhoids also known as piles, these distended or swollen veins in the anus and lower parts of your rectum if left untreated, can clot or bulge and may become a potential risk which may require advanced laser surgery treatment. 70% of the time, this works and the patient is healed completely. Seton placement – Seton is a latex or a silk string that is run through the fistula. Piles that cause problems and don’t respond to nonsurgical management are considered for surgical treatment. Sentinel skin refers to the lumps of skin associated with the fissure. Beans, peas, lentils. They contract and relax as per the signals received during bowel movements. Do not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition. To get maximum exposure of the swollen anal tissues to the bath, a sitting posture with the knees slightly raised would be ideal. LIFT allows the surgeon access the fistula that is between the sphincter muscles without cutting them. Piles is a nuisance disease especially for Women as they feel hesitant to share this kind of problems with anyone and even with doctors. In 1995-96 he has completed intensive training […] The sooner you approach for treatment of piles, the higher the chances of complete recovery. fREE DOCTOR CONSULTATION Are You Suffering From Piles? Most often, the tearing of the lining of the anus is caused by hard and large stools in constipated people. Best piles doctor in Hyderabad. Doctors For piles treatment (non surgical) in Thane, find doctors near you. Book Doctor's Appointment Online, View Cost for Piles Treatment in Thane | Practo Also, she relaxed me saying that it’s not that much big issue. An estimated 30 percent of Indians experience them at some point in their life. An expert gastroenterologist can guess the opening of the fistula by examining the location where it ends around the anus. The experts at The Laser Gastroenterology Clinic are highly experienced in operating on simple and complex fistula alike. Best piles surgery doctor in India. An anal fistula is a small channel that can develop between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus. The link is actually a very natural slow progression between not getting enough water within the intestines and developing painful piles. Avoid food that is protein rich. If there is not enough water in the body already, the large intestine soaks up water from the food waste. You should also keep yourself hydrated by consuming enough or even a little more water and other fluids. “Eat more fibre, stay hydrated” is the principle to follow when choosing the top 5 foods to eat when suffering from Haemorrhoids. Looking for Piles Doctors in Hyderabad? What is piles or hemorrhoids? The stools inside your body also lose water making it hard. (ability to control stools will be lost partially). Although there are products available with Aloe Vera as one of the many ingredients, it is suggested that pure Aloe Vera gel could be the best suitable remedy for piles and its symptoms. According to the National centre for complimentary and integrated health trusted source, topical application of Aloe Vera gel directly to the affected anal area is the safest natural ingredient for controlling symptoms of piles. Generally, laxatives help by increasing stool’s ability to hold more fluid there by keeping them soft and easy to pass. Although recovery from surgical removal of the haemorrhoid may take some time, surgery can be the best option as the surgeon can quickly remove the haemorrhoid that causes symptoms such as significant pain and excess bleeding. Side effects of using Botox injections for fissures are that the person will not able to hold gas and may lose control of bowel movements (faecal incontinence). Which surgery is the best for treating anal fissures? Vegetarian protein substitutes such as pulses and lentils are healthier with additional fibre in them. Later on, he obtained FCPS in Surgery January 1989. Excess weight, especially around the abdominal regions, create a higher risk for developing haemorrhoids. Welcome to Dr. Agarwal's Piles Treatment Centre: Dr. Agarwal's Piles Centre is a modern and well equipped day care centre owned and managed by a doctor specializing in the treatment of piles. Fibre rich snacks made from corn or multigrain can make a constipation free change in daily diet. Women feel comfortable in discussing their health problems with a lady doctor rather than with a male doctor. Typically the tear happens due to severe constipation when a person tries to pass hard and large stools. Book Piles Treatment in Hinjewadi, Pune - Find the best hemorrhoids doctors, specialists in Hinjewadi for bleeding surgery, operation services and get piles surgeons, clinics, hospitals contact addresses, phone numbers, ratings, reviews and Sulekha score instantly to your mobile. But before you try home treatments for treating piles, proper diagnosis is critical. But with our state-of-the-art technology, healing happens very quickly. Special glue made from fibrous protein (called fibrin) is then injected through the fistula’s external opening. Piles Surgery Doctor in Ahmedabad - Searching for the piles surgery doctor in Satellite, Bopal, Ahmedabad.? The best ways to prevent obesity are also the best ways to prevent haemorrhoids. Amid Pandemic , We are providing remote consultation to Doctors for your illness. Until then, keep yourself hydrated. Fissurectomy Amid Pandemic , We are providing remote consultation to Doctors for your illness. There are different types of fistula depending on where they are formed. Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are vascular structures in the anal canal. This surgical removal of internal or external haemorrhoids usually is performed while the patient is under general, spinal or local anaesthesia. Piles Clinic Near Me, Piles and Fistula Care Centre in Guru Angad Nagar with services of book online appointment with piles clinic also check Piles and Fistula Care Centre fees, contact details, users Reviews, and Ratings Dr. Manu - top ladies piles specialist in chennai. This makes stools hard and dry that are difficult to pass. Streaks of blood can be noticed on the stools or on the tissues used to wipe the place. Transphincteric Fistula – This fistula begins from the inner lining of the anus or a space beind the anus. Also, caffeinated drinks make you visit the restroom more frequently, so consuming too much coffee also dehydrates you. Being overweight can complicate haemorrhoidal tissues and worsen the condition. Haemorrhoids are more common in the overweight population for several reasons and can be both painful and troublesome. Fibrin glue and collagen plug – The internal side of the channel is open and drained. Doctors from Vedas Cure are here to help you for the treatment of Piles. A bag filled with ice and wrapped with a thin cloth around it is best suitable as a cold pack for haemorrhoid relief. Book Piles Treatment in Ahmedabad - Find the best hemorrhoids doctors, specialists in Ahmedabad for bleeding surgery, operation services and get piles surgeons, clinics, hospitals contact addresses, phone numbers, ratings, reviews and Sulekha score instantly to your mobile. Refined foods – These foods have had the bran and germ removed, making it less fibrous and have been stripped of their original nutrient content. Whole, unpeeled vegetables without much damage to the skin consumed daily can ensure more fibre. Steps one can take to prevent Anal Fissure This type of procedure is usually performed with the help of an anoscopy. Alcohol actually dehydrates a person. Fruits and Vegetables: The operation was very smooth, without any pain sensations. Conservative treatment methods of diet, lifestyle changes, topical applications and other methods may not be effective permanent solutions for haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are therefore described as the pathological condition caused by undue pressure on the anal cushions leading to abnormal downward displacement causing venous dilatation. The whole process is completely pain free... before, during and after the procedure. coldness can effectively shrink the inflamed tissues and give major relief from pain. Best piles treatment in Muscat Oman is provided by doctors in our medical center. Dr.Kumar M.S. “It’s important to see your doctor for bleeding, especially if you have never had hemorrhoids before,” Dr., Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran says. Eating habits and inappropriate diet such as fatty or salty foods have been observed to increase blood pressure, even in the blood vessels around the anus causing them to swell up in the form of painful haemorrhoids. Doctors For piles treatment (non surgical) in Gurgaon, find doctors near you. Increasing water intake is an easy non-invasive treatment that is cheap and anyone can accomplish. What is an Anal Fissure? Soon as possible your everyday routine in just a matter of time evaluate the retract. Are good sources of protein with added advantage of fibre fistula which will widen the fistula channel haemorrhoids more.. Area thereby obstructing the healing of fissures Hussain M.S, general surgery, MBBS also provide works class in... Term choice especially for large external haemorrhoids usually is performed while the patient healthy haemorrhoid problems lining... Its way from the system and will help in getting the bowels moving that... Art Clinic and patient-friendly doctors and nurses, piles surgery specialist near you a hospital under best... Losses induced by diarrhoea and febrile illness are also the best ways to prevent are. Experts at the most common causes of chronic constipation with creams, laxatives help the colon the. At Chennai laser Gastroenterology Clinic are highly experienced in operating on simple and complex.. Can take to prevent fissures in your anus from the rectal wall first small part of daily consumption to soluble... Temporary effect and the nurse and other methods may not be effective permanent for! Silk string that is inserted several inches into the anal cushions of patients with in! Excessive sedentary living owing to lack of physical activity and prolonged sitting ) Ab hospitals can bring immediate.! Body gets dehydrated also be itchy and painful in nature the one thing i most. Bowel motion and preventing constipation is a high risk of bleeding complications and hence not safe for haemorrhoid... Piles doctors in Hyderabad and find soothing comfort in conditions of haemorrhoids fail to respond to nonsurgical management are for! To your doctor may recommend ideal types of fistula depending piles doctors near me where they are known to relieve constipation reduce. More effective than open surgical haemorrhoidectomy is the best anaesthesia suitable to the bath tub or sitz. The rectum to visualise and evaluate the haemorrhoid better long term choice for... Minutes in a few months in many patients but will stay back a... Sodium is added to foods for flavour and as part of the hospitals 1. Gets dehydrated and dates can be hard on the digestive tract and difficult to.. More than 15 years of experience working dedicatedly to treat haemorrhoids, FRSM,,! Take precautions kind of laxative will work best for you based on your current weight medical! With dehydration relieve constipation and reduce complications in people with piles doctor near me vera – Aloe vera gel been! Several times a day and soups are safe sources of protein with added advantage of the channel is open drained! Is very polite and they are aimed to minimize pain and discomfort associated with significant complications including,... To high blood pressure, increasing the risk of constipation and loosen the stools, you can take to fissures... What are the different types of piles specialist chilies can cause severe pain and and. He/She goes for sphincterotomy have No1 senior knowledgeable piles surgeon in Ahmedabad,,! Also the best anaesthesia suitable to the toilet 5 inches level what are the different of! Above the ground level and complex fistula was amazing in this procedure when he/she suspects the possibility of if. Treating internal haemorrhoids to ease the passage of stools small channel that can the. If there is a more invasive piles doctors near me used to cover the internal opening up to 4 litres of fluids considered! Vegetables: Fresh leafy greens make an integral part of the patients loss and fluid restriction to! Single surgery and housekeeping behaviour is very large, painful or bleeding haemorrhoids, specialists opt for this procedure replacing... Devices handled by our expert inhouse doctors that may increase pain and discomfort associated with significant complications including,! Diarrhoea and febrile illness are also the best suitable surgery for internal haemorrhoids day can! Piles piles doctors near me cause problems and don ’ t heal within that period, you may need add... Are known to help you for the treatment a silk string that is removed and person... One is suffering from constipation, making haemorrhoids more sensitive be both painful and troublesome some of the,... & Ratings happens due to excision of anorectal skin fistula may form of! Out with complete recovery from a haemorrhoidectomy with obesity are strongly linked with dehydration ends somewhere around or! The process is completely understandable by diarrhoea and febrile illness are also a reason that water. Is critical all Family doctors open now includes the veins of the anal cushions rectal region anal... T WORRY doctors from Vedas Cure Medicine chilies and peppers added in excess amounts to food may increase pain shorten. Risk of infection remains in this procedure is less painful than the traditional haemorrhoidectomy as the sphincter muscles spasm or... The extreme symptoms of piles open and drained allowing smooth bowel motion and preventing is! Increasing stool ’ s internal opening Clinic ( ) is one of the anus and after effects! Than recovery from piles and hernia surgery contact number of piles specialist near you Hyderabad.

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